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Statements to be curious about:

"Be ye transformed by the renewing of the mind."

" As a man thinketh, so he is."

” If you continue to do the same old things  the same old ways you will continue to get the same old results. Want to change? Think and do something different.”

“ Be still and know that I AM God. ”

” Be in the world and not of It. ”

Meditation Life Coaching is a Life Coaching service that provides clients with information, insight, awareness, that leads to an understanding of one’s self.

A lot of people don’t understand the process of meditation.  And that is the main service provided by Meditation Life Coaching…I teach you how to: Relax, Meditate, and go Within . Therefore, I provide the service of understanding. By providing you with information, insight, awareness, and techniques that will provide an understanding of how meditation works and the many, many benefits it generates.  

I will help you  learn at least 4 different meditative techniques and other practices to help you better cope with some of the common problems of daily living that we all experience. Since we all have individual personalities, and since different techniques come in handy during the different situations each of us might face in any given situation, you should find one or more of these techniques that works best for you in any given moment

A sample of some of these techniques are:

* Mindfulness Meditation – Basic, simple concentration coupled with attention to the breath.

* Progressive Relaxation – Systematic tensing and relaxing of muscles combined with focused breathing. Releasing tension from head to toe.

* Sitting Tai Chi – A simple breathing technique, releases the flow of relaxation throughout the body.

* Heart Rhythm Meditation – Coordination of pulse and breath results in a relaxed unity of the total self.

I offer sessions, in-person, email and on the phone using IMO. We will start with an initial assessment to clearly define your short and long term goals to move upward and forward. We will use these goals as a foundation and together create strategies for attaining these objectives.

As a Meditation Life Coach, I specialize in teaching MEDITATION that will have a direct positive effect on the following areas of your life:

 Achieving Balance                                                                                                                                              
 Personal Growth 
 Personal Discovery
 Confidence & Personal Power
 Spiritual/Inner Self
 Higher Self
 Self Mastery
 Stress Management


Life Coaching is used for support needed to stay on the path of awakening to the inner-self, higher-self.  Exploring the person you were placed on earth to be, with your own unique talents and purpose. Simply put, the process of Meditation Life Coaching will take you on a transitional (change) journey from being STUCK to being CLEAR.

And how does one know that they are STUCK?  Well, this is 2018 and it is not the same tone as 2017 had, nor will 2019 be like today. Please consider this; and I think that you will agree, that this is a busy, busy world we live in today, and sometimes even frightful. We live in a world of speed and pressures of which consume us, drain our souls, hurt or hearts, dampen our spirits and cause living to be more of a series of demands and duties than a kind of joyful mystery. We spend time making telephone callbacks, doing the shopping, hauling the laundry, running errands through narrow, busy crowded streets, grinding through routines, going to meetings, answering question after question, on the  internet, doing repetitive motions, standing in lines of one kind or another, making long commutes to have a job, falling into bed late – too late – day after day, night after night. We close our eyes at the end of the day and wonder where has life gone? 

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